Monday, February 10, 2014

Beginning a weight loss journey

Like many women do, I gained quite a bit of weight with both of my pregnancies.  With my first son I gained 72 pounds and with this pregnancy I gained 74 pounds.  I was lucky enough to have gotten down to only five pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight with my first son before I got pregnant with my second.  But I was still about 20 pounds above a healthy weight for me.  I am 5'11 so a healthy weight for me is 160/165.  The day I had Micah I immediately lost 20 pounds.  But since that day I have only lost about 10 pounds. I am sick of being stuck there, so I am going to start trying to get back to a healthy weight for me. 

I think I will do better if I have others to hold me accountable, and a great way for me to do that is to blog it.  So you guys will be my accountability partners in my weight loss journey.  Yesterday I weighed myself and I was 224.4 pounds.  I would like to drop a few pounds by next Sunday.  My plan is to do some form of exercise each day and to eat a healthier diet.  Here is a picture of my body today, Monday.  I will do a new picture every week.  Thanks for reading and please help me be accountable!

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