Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An "In the Mom Zone" Kinda Day

I am having an "in the mom zone" kinda day.  You know, one of those days where you are on it... wiping the noses, changing diapers, washing clothes, baking... etc.  I think to have a ,"mom zone" day you have to start off on the right foot.  Start off the day by doing something productive and it really gets you rolling.  Today I started by making some whole wheat pumpking bread, and I have been in the zone ever since.  It has been a really productive day.  I folded some laundry and put it away immediately, which is something for me because I hate putting away clothes. I have been cleaning up small messes, changing diapers, wiping Elijah's nose and face, gave Micah a bath, nursed the baby and got him to sleep, and did some sewing... and its only 1:00.  I love these kind of days.  Now I just need to make sure I squeeze in some bible reading and prayer time.  Those are the things I tend to forget about.  Now off to try and get the toddler down for his nap!  Mom OUT!!!!! *Drops Mic*

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