Monday, March 10, 2014

Weight Loss: Week 4 Results

This morning when I weighed myself I was excited to see the numbers 213.6 on the scale!  I am getting so close to being under 200lbs again.  It is really encouraging to see that number on the scale go down a little bit more each week.  I feel better in my clothes and in my skin.  We are all starting to feel better and the weather is getting nicer.  Tomorrow I am meeting up with a bunch of natural minded mama's at the zoo for some fun mama and kiddo time.  I am so excited to see Elijah's reaction to the animals!  The last time we took him to the zoo he was only a little over a year, so he wasn't too impressed with the animals.  This time he knows the sounds different animals make and I think he will be quite excited to see them in person.  The weather should be super nice so it will be great to have the kids outside and walking around.  I will have Micah on me in a carrier all day and I will be pushing a stroller too so I should get a good workout.  I am loving the nicer weather.  As it continues to warm up we will be outside doing gardening, playing, going on hikes, and going on bike rides.  The spring and summer bring some great family time.

                                                                                    Starting Weight: 224.4
                                                                                    Weight this week: 213.6
                                                                                    Total weight loss: 10.8

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